What Is Bachelors Of Business Administration All About?

Business and entrepreneurship are one of the most preferred career options available today as they offer opportunities for those who love to work in challenging situations as well as to make good money. BBA or Bachelors of Business Administration is a much sought after degree by students who want to enter the field of business or work as professionals with large companies in their future. This article outlines everything about the course including the academic curriculum, career openings, expected growth prospects and salary, and advanced education qualifications that can be pursued after the completion of the course. So read on to know concisely what BBA is all about.

Bachelors Of Business Administration- An Overview

As the name suggests, BBA is a bachelor’s degree in business administration, which comes under the commerce stream of academic study. In most of the universities, this degree is completed in a period of four years, which include classroom study of principals of business administration and management, along with the practical training related to the same. So, what is business administration? Business administration is a wide field that encompasses the management of a formal organization, be it a big corporate or an independent business, or anything in between, in such a way that it remains stable and keeps growing.

Students can also specialize in one of the multiple concentration aspects of business, which includes fields like finance, human resources, international business, accounting or computer information systems. The degree program is aimed at preparing the students to start up their own entrepreneurship journey or join a big or small organization. Students, who have already completed a high school diploma or have an equivalent educational qualification, can join a BBA degree program.

Academic Curriculum of BBA

BBA degree program is designed to train the students regarding various functional aspects of business, in addition to giving them an opportunity to take up specialization in one of these areas. In addition to providing theoretical knowledge of all the core subjects related to business administration, the program also furnishes practical training for developing the communication as well as managerial skills of the students. Additionally, it prepares them to manage other key areas of business, such as strategic planning and decision making, so that they can function independently once they enter the business world. Internships, projects, industrial visits, presentations and working with experts are some of the parts of practical training projects which for a part of the curriculum of the BBA degree program. The core topics included in the curriculum of the program include accounting, economics, business law and ethics, human resources management, marketing management, financial management, strategic management, quantitative techniques, organizational behavior and management information systems. Knowledge and expertise in all these core subjects is essential for a professional to carry on the work of the business organization in a smooth and efficient manner. In addition to these core subjects, BBA degree program also includes specialization in one of the related fields such as finance, accounting, human resources, international business, entrepreneurship, real estate, marketing, information technology, public relations and travel and tourism, to name just a few. Students can take up a career in the field of specialization chosen by him. All the skills which student develops during this course program, such as communication skills, business analysis skills and quantitative reasoning abilities, can be put to practice in the real world scenario and will go a long way in improving the confidence as well as the performance of the professional as he joins a business or a corporate entity.

Career Openings After BBA

A person who wants to take up an entry-level managerial job in the corporate world has a doorway of brilliant opportunities open for him once he completes his BBA degree program. The opportunities may pertain to a variety of fields such as finance, accounting, human resources or marketing, depending upon the specialization he has taken up during the course of his degree program. A student who has successfully completed his bachelor’s degree in management comes out as a professional with the ability to handle a variety of roles in the managerial as well as administrative positions in a small or big organization. Such professionals may be sought after by the employers to take up jobs in a variety of positions such as sales manager, marketing manager, operations manager, cost estimator and loss prevention manager, to name just a few of the available employment options.

Expected Growth Prospects and Salary

After you complete your BBA degree program and take up one of these jobs in the managerial positions, it is imperative to think about the growth prospects and the future you are going to have in the industry. The job growth may vary from position to position. According to the report of Bureau of Labor Statistics, the profession of operations manager is expected to register a growth of 8-14% in the decade from 2012 to 2022, while that for sales managers will be around 8% and for loss prevention managers, it is going to be around 3-7%. On the other hand, the expected growth rate for cost estimators is going to be on the higher side in the upcoming decade, reaching at 26%, while that for security analysts will be at around 37%. In the same way, the annual median salary figures of 2013 are also different for different professions, that of operations manager being $ 96430, while that of sales managers stands at $ 108540. The annual median salaries of loss prevention managers, cost estimators and security analysts are $ 103530, $ 59640 and $ 88590, respectively. This means that the students can use these figures to choose the specialization subject according to their expectations related to salaries and job growth prospects.

Higher Education After BBA

After completing their bachelor’s degree in business administration, students may start their career or opt for higher studies, the latter being the best way to get better positions in the job market or to get promoted from their current positions. For this purpose, as MBA or a Master’s in Business Administration degree is considered as the most desirable qualification to earn you a place in the higher levels of the organizations. For those who want to make a career as university professors or consultants, a doctoral degree in business administration would be a good one.

In the competitive environment of the business world today, being armed with a BBA degree can be a good way to forge ahead on your career path, as it offers advanced knowledge of principals and processes of all aspects of business.